Xaxado Novo, Brezilya Kültür Merkezi, Festa Agostina, 2015

Xaxado Novo, Brezilya Kültür Merkezi, Festa Agostina, 2015

The best way of dancing well depends listen to music most of the time. It’s very hard to release ourselves in stream of dancing without digesting the music. When we know the songs where it ends, speeds up or gets slow then we guide our partner easier and we properly get enjoy out of it.

But well, how do we know where to find those forró music from? Well we’ve got some alternatives. Here it’s 5 forró music source that you could listen to until fed up hearing (:

1. Forró İstanbul Spotify playlist:

This is the main list at Spotify that you could hear in our Forró parties. If there’ll be any song you’d love to hear at the party just tell us, we’ll update the playlist with yours.

2. Forró em Vinil:

Here is the biggest Forró archive in the world. It’s like source heaven that you could listen to and download as well. Especially forró music is first priority in the database. Also the radio channel is availabe to listen to forró as long as you like.

3. Forró Brasiliero

A radio welcomes you while the website opens. Again, you can listen all day long. You can see the videos too.

4. Forró pe de Calçada

It’s the almost same like the previous one, a live applet starts playing while entered. Also videos here too.

5. Youtube Forró Stream

It is a youtube channel since 2014 which has thousands of viewers. It is more music channel instead of videos, however the facebook page of Forró Stream also is quite active. Better be following!